I just want to runway and hideout for a little while-

I'm fairly good at cultivating a quiet space for myself in my day to day but now and then my schedule seems to get the better of me and I feel overwhelmed. Today is just one of those days. For no particular reason- it's just life can be hard sometimes. Right? Anyway it's exacerbated by the cold, super dry and cloudy day here in Minneapolis... so I'm daydreaming in the Blog-o-sphere when I found this post on show + tell. I can't think of anything better than climbing into this little hideout and feeling the warm hydrating air, listening the to quiet expansive forest and doing a whole lot of quiet nothing- just for a little while.
Then I want to be right back here, in my life (I get homesick pretty quickly).


  1. How could you not be creative in this space? Overcast days seem to be the norm right now. Just bits of sunshine poking through.

  2. i'm coming too! i'll bring the coffee.

  3. What a lovely place to go and be quiet...to listen to the sounds of nature and smell the earth...Everyone needs a quiet space sometimes and this one is magical!

  4. oh, i could soooo go to that beautiful forest too! :::