a friends old bear-

a friend sent me this photo he just made of his and he's fathers childhood bear wondering if I knew anything about him. He mentioned opening the box to find him again ... "the expression was familiar to me after at least 30 years of being put away in an attic. I recognized him like I would a human face".
what a lovely description of our relationship to a dear childhood toy... sometimes it's the smallest things which remind us of where we are, how far we've come, and the innocents and profundity that is childhood.

photo by cameron wittig


  1. I think many of us probably were more familiar with our teddies (or whatever toy we bonded to) than even our parents - we were with them 24/7 for the first years of life. I still have mine, not as fine as this one, but still dear to me.

  2. For some, amidst the chaos of childhood, these stuffed friends are where we learn to love. Mine was a monkey, Eddie, and he sits in my studio to this day. He's family :)