hello Turkey.

These two fine feathered friends, ridiculous and sweet, are ready for the Thanksgiving Feast.

Robert, a friend, collector, and maker of things, requested a few of these happen again this year. His turkey from way back in 2011, needed a lady friend. And so it goes: more turkeys. Every time I make these they make me laugh. They're so ridiculous they become altogether charming. These two are looking for homes. You'll find them in the shop today. 

Hope you're Thanksgiving is filled with loved ones all around. XXXJM

PS: I just realized I forgot to put they're bow on... ok, that's got to happen before they jump into boxes. hahah.

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  1. Even though you think they're ridiculous, they are the most charming turkeys I have ever seen. I love them...they're adorable! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too, Jennifer.