about the mess...

This morning was a battle, not because everyone was crazy or especially difficult, but because I was overwhelmed by the messes my children had made ALL OVER THE HOUSE (sorry for shouting just then).

Don’t get my wrong, I do not live in one of those spotless houses that is spare, white, or nearly vacant. I live is a big, cozy, pattern filled place that serves every member of our family- quite often it’s a mess because of it. We all have projects, and games, and books, and papers, and well- messes everywhere but today it got the better of me from the get go. I asked, I asked again, I shouted, and then I looked around again. Yeah, it’s a mess, but everyone was engaged in some kind of imaginative game or fun. There was evidence everywhere. Now, what’s so bad about that? I asked myself.

I make a lot of toys for my kids so I’m complicit in all of this. Yeah, sometimes they add to the mess, but they often create play and open up some sort of imaginative interaction that is created by my children alone. They’re tossed, kicked, or danced with. Other times they quiet comfort.
So this morning I gave in. The battle is over for now. I’m sure it will be waged again and again- Me against the Mess. But for now I’m just going with it. I’ll make another coffee, and watch them play- Go forth little ones, make a mess…. but hey, could you pick that up before you’re start a new project. … please. I’ll help! Who can pick up the most blocks first?!

Wish me luck


  1. Life with kids!! Enjoy they grow way to fast:)

  2. You call that a mess?!?! Ha!
    (I guess it's all relative.)

    1. Ha! Nahhhhh, that's nothing! but I really liked that animal rig-up my son had strung together and it's evidence of the creativity I sometimes gloss over as just another mess. You know what it mean?