It's no secret that I've been posting less and less here on my blog. Between working on getting the POLKA DOT CLUB up and going (which I'm crazy excited about by the way! things are looking good and the website is getting sooooo close to being DONE!) and being with the kiddos, I've found less and less time to write here. I know, I'm not alone. I don't think blogs are a thing of the past, but with so many other platforms to play with I think the real writers are sticking it out, while people like me... who may not always have a whole lot to say but like to live visually have gone elsewhere. If you'd like to find be again- I'm on both instagram and pinterest. I'll still pop in here on occasion... it's a nice place to come back to.


  1. I'm a bit of an instagram addict so I know what you mean. I am interested in all you do though, so whether you come regularly or infrequently, I will continue to do the same!

  2. Hello

    I too will continue to read, you were one of my first ever blogs and love looking at the work that you so beautifully produce.

    Because of something you wrote over winter,'it's been snowing for three days straight' or something to that effect, I have become obsessed with winter weather in Minneapolis!
    What is that like?
    I keep mixing visuals from the 80's, like Prince videos and movies like Untamed Heart or Beautiful Girls which feature the cold weather and thinking what must it be like if you don't have the resources to keep out the cold, like a drafty home or a really old coat that doesn't cut the mustard.
    And is it quiet when it snows like that?

    Thank you for posting all that you do, it is quite lovely
    Kind Regards Catherine
    South Coast of the UK, occasional snow.

  3. what a lovely message-
    thank you so much for taking the time to write Aubrey.

    The snow and winter time here is both deeply lovely and a bit oppressive. The quiet of snow at night in the city, the blinding brightness of a sun-filled day with snow everywhere, the crispness of cold cold snow that squeaks with each footstep, the sledding, the ice skating, the coziness of soup and a warm fire- these are all things that make living here wonderful... but the cold is long and our house is sometimes drafty (it's hard of anything to stand up to -10F right?!). Sometimes I feel like winter lasts about a month or two too long.

    Now we're on the cusp of Summer and all that cold feels far away. Every day we're walking near the lakes and the river, to one of the many parks near by and digging in our vegetable garden out back. I love that we have such extremes here. I can't find any other place in the U.S. I'd rather be- Minneapolis has my heart with it's long winters and all.

  4. I'm still obsessed.
    I found some paintings by Mike Bayne (2009) that are a bit snowy and have the colours that I am thinking about but maybe his architecture is more New Jersey I am not too sure.
    I read your reply to friends which promoted much lively chat about how here in England we pretty much grind to a halt with a light dusting of the white stuff and how it never really snows for more that a couple of hours at a time and who could remember a chocolate box Christmas!

    It's made me think I have to go and see more stuff.
    Today in the height of British summer it is grey and we are all feeling damp and I left the washing on the line and it rained in the night!

    Have a nice summer season and thank you for your reply
    Regards Catherine