feeling thankful...

This Thanksgiving I saved my money and cut the skeletons from our garden for the table. Before dinner, we all wrote things that we're thankful for on pieces of colored paper and stuck them onto the branches. Claude and his cousin Hazel wrote out their own. Hazel asked for the spelling of each word and Claude wrote his out in a series of O's, L's, C's and T's- the only letters he's currently writing. He'd tell me what each said: "Mama", "Home", "butterflies","Vita's chupi" (her pacifier)...

I'm thankful for so very many things these days. There has been a lot of life around me lately... Life, Death, Birth- it makes one so keenly aware of how very brief but profoundly our time is. So, I've been deeply taking-in my time with my young children, family, and loved ones- trying to enjoy even the trying times. And when I'm away in the studio like today, I'm so very grateful for this work. Thank you, for keeping me in the studio, for enjoying what I make, and for all the kind notes, thoughts, and even far off goodness sent my way. I'll take all of it, and send it right back to you.... did you feel that?


  1. Sure did, Jen.

    The things you make are simply the most wonderful things made.

    I'm so glad you get to keep making.

    Well said.

  2. You know you are awesome don't you? All the best to you & yours! Hugs, J xo : )

  3. Your post is lovely today. and so true. Even the trying times....especially then do I find it challenging and so necessary to be grateful for all of it. Your work is beautiful.