baby nook

I've gotten a few requests to see the nursery in progress... and while all the little embellishments are still in the works (we're working on a mobile and a few other special things) I thought I'd share the current state of the little nook we've carved out for the littleone...

The third floor of our house is an amazing, bright, plant filled attic space with skylights and windows, and this little nook across from our bed. I made these curtains to divide the space and make a cozy private, darken-able space for baby, which opens up... 

A new rocker, bed, dreamy and colorful Turkish rug, and floor lamp which gets very very dim for late night diaper changes are all tucked inside. As for the window - the view is filled with trees.

The anticipation of finally meeting this little boy or girl is certainly building up around here. The dresser drawers are filled with all of Claude's old clothes, washed and smelling fresh from the line. Nesting is in full effect. I haven't dressed the bed or the changing table, knowing that the babe won't be sleeping in here for a little while still- and frankly no one around here wants to think about more diapers (will my 3 year old son EVER be potty trained?!). But based on how I'm feeling it truly won't be long now.


  1. It's a gorgeous space. And we all wish you and the bebe a graceful, blessed time...

  2. Sweet little nursery! How exciting to not know the sex :) Best wishes on a good delivery !

  3. It's lovely, Jennifer. Really wonderful.

    I can't believe Claude is 3!!! Wha???

    Time flies like the wind. Fruit flies like the banana. - Charlie Chaplin


  4. It looks amazing! Cant wait ....
    xxoo mama