SUCCESS - one corner "un-boxed"

As hoped I tackled one of the many corners of my home this weekend. The dining room got a little attention and the boxes piled in the corner with mystery items have all be dispatched to their new and proper homes. In their place- a plant, a new covering for an old cabinet, proper items, and a few decorative too- all lit by a new-old lamp (ignore the needed cord maintenance- for now I am- baby steps). On the other side of the room a shelf of goodlooken parts and pieces sit above a radiator (drawing by Justin Schaefer). That feels much much better.


  1. I like the vertical lines of the radiator below the lines and curves of the picture, frame, and pottery.

    Beautiful photograph above the new-old lamp!

  2. I love the print in the top photograph and would love to know more about it.
    I like all the nature in these spots

    1. it's one of my photographs from a lifetime ago when I was making a lot of photo work. I had a show of large formate photos and this is one that I kept. I love living with this image- there are alligators hanging out all over in the swampy mess...
      glad you like it!

  3. oh yay! i was wondering if it was one of those since you mentioned the large format camera recently. i had not seen the alligators