modern kids

Let me let you in on a little secret- I'm not really all that much of a baby/kid person. I like little people just fine, and I'm crazy for Claude, but I would not be the first on anyone's list for being a nanny or childcare provider of any type. Once while baby sitting, I forgot to give the kids dinner (this is an embarrassing but honest admission of my teenage self). I like to think my skills have grown quite a bit since then- lets hope so- but regardless of my own ease with kids I can't get enough of looking, watching, and sucking up all that good kid energy.  As a photographer and a mom I can capture it on occasion with my own family- but it's tough.

Enter Modern Kids. Headed up by my my friend Sarah Wert, Modern Kids is a photography company specializing in baby, kids, and family. Sarah's work kills me- it's an endless lineup of beautiful photos which are so much more than just kids portraits. These images illuminate all of the bright new baby life, playful kid energy, and all the in between messy goodness that is having littles in ones life. Luck for me, she might just do a little shooting for me in the future. Really, i can't wait to see what she comes up with- I'll be sure to share. Until then...

Check out more of her work on her website and blog, and if you happen to live in or around LA join in the fun with Modern Kids this weekend (wish we could be there!).


  1. The little girl in the first picture looks just like Jennifer hayslips daughter. do you know her? I'll have to send her the link here. so funny!

  2. THANKS SO MUCH, JEN! I'm so excited to work with you (and all your little creatures). So very exciting!