Ernest - a gift - an auction - a reason to give

Back in July I made a bear for Bears that Care an auction to benefit ovarian cancer research, education and, awareness- it seemed a long time off, but now the date has arrived and the auction is this Friday November 18th. If you live in or around Melbourne Australia you can attend the benefit yourself- otherwise absently bid are accepted until Tomorrow! I know it's last minute, but that's sometimes the best way to work these things... do I have your attention now?! To see all the pieces up for auction donated by artists from around the world, go to the Bears that Care website.  (the website is a little clunky but just click on the 2011 Bears and page through each of the donated pieces by name- the first page comes up with just a few pieces but there is a link on the bottom of that page with the extended list)

ok, so here's how you can send in a bid for Ernest or any of the other pieces up for auction: Complete and submit the Absentee Bid Registration Form to register your bid or bids. Please note that bids must be received before 12 noon (Melbourne Daylight Savings time) on Wednesday,16 November.

“Ernest The Panda” (with lots of hope) 
is a one of a kind, hand-dyed pink mohair panda.  He has glass eyes with wool felt patches.  He is stuffed with organic cotton and excelsior.  He is fully jointed and sits 6” tall.  He has a cotton bow and has been lightly aged and worn. Please bid generously.


  1. hi jennifer,

    we are the proud new owners of ernest! thank you so much for your generosity and donating him to NCHI ovcare's bears that care charity auction :)

    we love him very much! you can check out my post about him on my blog @ http://consciousness-collection.blogspot.com/

    em :)

  2. My home town - how nice of you to involve yourself.

  3. Thanks for the note Em! I'm so happy to see him on your blog and know where he ended up...

  4. no worries :D thanks again for donating him! ernest says 'hi!'