fish! (a side note from outside the studio)

This morning Claude and I hung out (now I'm in the studio- soooo much to do before Friday!) and we admired the quilt my mom made for him this past Christmas. It's so lovely and we often talk about about different things we see in each small piece of fabric- this morning there was a lot of talk about "FISH!".

I'm sure she'll be posting more images of this beauty on her blog soon, along with all the pattern info-


  1. Yay for your mum. If she decides to put the pattern info on there, I'll be sure to make one for the girls here! I just love quilts... both to cuddle up in and to make!

    Good luck for friday!!

  2. love the birdy fabric in the corner!

  3. ooohhh I love it, I will be sure to keep checking her blog to see it!!


  4. What an amazing quilt! I fell in love with it instantly. I have attempted to make only 2 quilts, both pin wheel designs, but I'm looking for a new pattern to try. I saw this one and would love to give something similar a try. Has your mum put the pattern on her blog? xx