Sundays are for daydreams...

and today I'm dreaming of living in this house- with that fire burning, sipping my coffee in those chairs, cooking breakfast in that kitchen, and snuggling up with my boys on that couch... ahhh- I can smell the - what is that? ohhh yes, it's cedar wafting in the air- from... what is that? a sauna by the lake out back... Wait, maybe that's the sea? Yes, it's my own little wood burning Sauna by the sea. Ohhh to dream my Norwegian dream.

(via Bliss)


  1. Oh wait, what's that... this house has a neighbour... a little further down the coast. And what's that... it looks just alike... and oh my, yes I'd be living in it!

    Nice to meet you neighbour!

  2. Oh yes, that will work . . .

  3. simply gorgeous! I hope it snows here like on the photos Xx