more beautiful things- part two of the Crystal Hanehan dream box

A while back, I mentioned "the rest of the goodies" in passing while writing about the amazing Owls Crystal made for the limited edition collaboration we did for my last website update... I hadn't had time to post the photos until now... Check out the play by play below- could they be any better?

See more of Crystal's beautiful work on her website, blog, and etsy shop
Ohhh and look for more of my collaborations with Crystal in my next website update.


  1. JEN! you are killing me....all I want to do is get crafty now and I should really be working on my invoices. Blech.
    Can't believe the web we weave, I remember your spring segment. You are brilliant!

    BTW I used to work at Martha, for the magazine. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  2. oh these are such sweet little things...I am off to check out Crystals blog now, thanks:D