today in the studio...and and and

I have a number of projects in the works today- all for my Fall Website Update set for an unknown day in mid October (I'll be sure to make an announcement soon when I figure out when the big day will be).

The change of season is so pronounced up here in Minnesota, so shifting from the colors and airy feel of summer into the muted beauty of fall is cake- perhaps an Apple Cake. Speaking of- what am I going to do with allllllll thhhheeeessseee appppllleees we picked last weekend?! This is what I'm putting on the table tonight. Anyway, the garden has been in decline, the trees are beginning to change, the shadows in the back yard are totally different than they were just a month ago, it's getting dark earlier, I've had to close the windows at night to keep the house warm but it's still bright and sunny and the days have been glorious. The expansion of Spring and the excess of Summer is leveling out into Fall, and while the seasons are making their annual shifts it seems I found a good balance in the studio too. Working for a few hours in the morning or afternoon and spending the rest of my day with Claude. There has been lots of playing around here. In the evenings Jay and I play cards or I head out to the pottery studio to make pots with a friend- (I'll share what I've been making when something comes out of the kiln). For the time being there seems to be a joyful balance in our little household as we watch the last outside days slipping way. Happily I'm greeting this fall without reluctance. It isn't always that way so when I was happily sewing this morning I couldn't help but notice the pleasure I was feeling about the day and frankly about life. I hope all is very well in your world today and continues that way into the coming chilly months of the year...


  1. Hello Jennifer.

    Wonderful post. Your analysis of the seasons in context is perfect, particularly embracing fall. Like the you described in your post, I am fighting with fall and all that it brings with it (cold and dark) although there is something wondrous in the coming months of warmth inside and family togetherness. All of this mixed with creative time is not at all the bad rap that I have made it out to be.

    Take care!

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    Make some applesauce- it's super easy and my 3 boys gobble it up. Just chunk up the apples (I don't peel them) and stew them slowly with sugar,lemon juice and plenty of cinnamon, raisins and nuts if you like (stovetop or crockpot). The chunkier the better. You can make a big vat of this delicious mush and then either freeze smaller portions or can it.
    Stefanie on Virginia's Eastern Shore

  3. THanks Stefanie!
    on your recommendation I made a HUGE pot of apple sauce- mmmmmmmm so so good and Claude loves it. We've been buying apple sauce and since it's beyond easy I foresee my freezer filling up with little containers of apple-goodness to fill our bellies far into the coming months. thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Charming, charming, charming. So happy you are enjoying your life! Makes my heart happy.

  5. This is such a nice post and happy to hear you are embracing the season. Your comment made me smile. I would love to know how to make little animals like yours. If you were closer I would certainly attend one of your classes. I made the pom pom bunny a few years ago with the little baking cup skirt. I love it.

    Applesauce is good but, my favorite is apple crisp. I also have always wanted to try Alicia Paulson's (Posie Gets Cozy) Sourcream Apple Pie. Once I go back to pick the Granny Smith's I'm going to try that one.