change in plans and sidetracks- a messy post about stuff.

I've been working on a handful of new bears and animals to bring along with me to the Creative Connection in a couple weeks. I won't have a booth set up at the Handmade Market but I'll have pieces in my workshops for everyone to manhandle and if they'd like, buy. I'd planned on having a big table full of goodies - patterns, supplies, and lots of one of a kind bears and animals. I'd even day-dreamed about cleaning out my drawers and bins, bundling small packages of vintage goodies. Ahhh the best laid plans. The whole thing fell apart when Jay's gallery in NYC (he's an artist too, have I mentioned that?) scheduled his opening for the third week in September. Which meant, the big family getaway was now Jay alone in New York for two weeks WORKING and Claude and I in Minneapolis- WORKING (I like the implication of Claude working on something - what would that be???). Anyway, what's the likely hood of Jay and I both having work events planned for the same week when in reality we have so few concrete events in any given year... Drag.
So, I decided to make things easy on myself and canceled my table and consequently considerably lightened my workload. This is a new practice for me but, motherhood has hammered home the lesson about not taking on too much faster than anything else in my 30+ years. I feel like I've suffered under my crazy desire to get EVERYTHING done for too many years now and it seems I've finally learned. Well, not so fast- before I commit to a life of ease and pleasure I should just say it looks like maybe I'm on the right path- this time at least.

Ohhh and about these two bears... They've just come together today- in part because I've been really distracted from sewing by my crazy desire to Knit... Usually I don't care much for knitting in the summer but this year has been an exception. I finished the second sweater for Claude I started a few weeks ago and now I'm working on another pair of socks. In an attempt to be productive this morning I whipped up this sweet little scarf for the mitten bear. He needed something special for his neck and this was just the thing to finish him properly... Success! Now, who else in the studio needs a knit good?


  1. What a couple of cuties! I love love love the mitten bear. If no one buys him I certainly would!

    I can't imagine how busy you must be between Claude and working. I have a hard enough time making bears without children! XD

    It's good that you put your family first!

    Hugs, Kelly

  2. Aaah, motherhood! Good to hear that you have taken the pressure off yourself and set your priorities without driving yourself crazy.
    BTW~my Grampa's name was Claude...it makes me smile to read about your Claude.