Hello out there...

Yes! Contrary to the activity on this blog-I'm still around and still making things. The POLKA DOT CLUB has been keeping me very busy as any new business does. But in the evenings, after the kids are tucked in bed, the dishes are done, and the house quiets down- I've been cutting, sewing, and working a little here and there on new one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces for the shop. Maybe I'll get them done before Halloween but maybe I should just shoot for before Fall has made its last stand. Progress is slow but my heart is in it. Making all the PDC bears is so much fun- thinking if the children who will play with and love them- but I miss the creativity and process of making each bear new. They're little experiments and I love to see how each one becomes a unique and therefore perfectly- imperfect object in my hands...


News from the PDC: I've been keeping things interesting over at the clubhouse too, making one of a kind and small special editions too... These little Halloween Bears will make it into the shop next week!



  1. The combination of that rusty red and grey on those two bears you are holding would make for great pandas!!
    Just saying . . .

  2. Dear Jennifer, happy to read a new post on your blog! Your new bears are amazing and so so cute! Love them all! I am defenitely in love withe the black teddy-girl on your last picture.... is it possible to reserve it in advance..? Sending you lots of greetings *sophie

    1. Hello Sophie,
      Please email me! If I don't hear from you, check the POLKA DOT CLUB shop this week... hopefully one will be waiting there for you. hope to talk soon,

    2. Hello Jennifer,

      thx for your quick reply - just emailed you ;)