wool and fiber fair (aka a country outing)

I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate natural and ideally local fibers into what I make. Claude and I went to a fair today to look at yarn, fiber and of course the animals. I joked with a farmer about him sending his mohair to Germany just so they can send it back to me here in mn. Why can't someone weave mohair onto a cotton backing domestically?! I left even more in love with the materials I work with but disappointed that I can't get it more directly... That and wanting a baby goat. A girl can dream.


  1. Hello to a fellow Minnesotan. My sweetheart and I learned to needle felt today in Saint Paul at the 'Craftstravaganza' and now my head is full of wooly (and other fiber) ideas too. Great pics.

  2. Hello-
    I'm a part-time (summer resident) Minnesotan/Wisconsinite and love reading about your wonderful creations. I too would love it if I could buy American made mohair for making my little felted people. Have made many trips to the local thrift shops to purchase hard to find mohair. Ive resorted to felting and cutting up mohair coats, wool coats and sometimes sweaters just to get my hands on natural woven fibers. Im not able to purchase the German mohair yet, just started my handmade items, so if anyone out there knows of a source not overseas that would be wonderful if they would share. As you know it is in the creation that one gets innovative, so right now the thrift store is my best bet.

    1. In the 80's when my mother first started making mohair teddy bears and I was just a girl- we drove around to every thrift store within 100 miles to find mohair coats. She taught e so much more than just how to sew- she always had ingenuity when problem solving too!
      Love to hear you're doing the same thing!

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