hello from here**

Here**: in my house, with my baby and family, with my studio covered in plastic and plaster dust covering the floors and walls of my new studio...

Three weeks ago I thought I was back to work, and the next day our contractor stopped by, having found a little opening in his schedule, so he had a moment to work on my new studio. YEAH! but that halted all work I was doing. Seeing the progress of this new space has got me all together antsy to be moved in and again- back to work.
So, feeling antsy and needing to DO something, I bought a plane ticket and flew to Michigan with Vita. Visiting my family and a dear friend was just what I needed- a little vacation, a little family time, all the while being among people who love my (often crying) baby as much as I do- it is a beautiful thing...
Now, I'm back home. As I write this there are electricians cutting holes in the studio ceiling for new lights and soon enough we'll be sanding the floors... soon enough I'll be moving my studio again and then... soon enough I'll really be back to work.
Funny to think back to work means a whole 8 hours a week, but still, that sounds fantastic. I love being a mom, but I'm at my best when I have a little time craved out for myself- and most often, the thing I most want to do is get in the studio and get to work. For now, that will have to wait as the dust clears and construction continues...

Anyway, I'll have photos of the new space under construction soon!, until then- here's a photo of my Mom, Vita and I from last week. Miss you already mama.

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