this summer on my door step...

I love wrens. They make the loveliest songs, they catch lots of bugs, and there's nothing quite like providing a home for another family. Last summer, in our old house, we'd watched a family of wrens build a nest, hatch their eggs, tend to the babies, and ultimately fly away from a bird house right next to our outside patio. It was such a pleasure to see them up close. So small and so very busy.

This spring we hung this beautiful house made by my father-in-law on an existing hook on the front porch of our new house. It wasn't made specifically for wrens like the last birdhouse, so to my surprise and joy I noticed about a week ago that wrens had moved in. They've been busy, and it's so nice to see them each time we come go but I must say this particular family is quite vocal about not wanting to share this address.  Every time I walk in or out, the beautiful wren song is replaced with a shouting warning...

I guess not everyone is good at cohabiting.


  1. Lovely! I'm sure some little wren will love it!!

  2. This photo only makes me want to see the rest of your house! Love that exterior paint color!