After a many days of bug collecting, field walks, digging in the dirt, sitting on the porch, sipping rhubarb tea (really this might be the best thing ever), doing nothing and everything all with family- we're home. I'm always excited to go on a trip but just as pleased to come home- I think that's a good sign. Today I'm settling into the studio and cleaning up around the house. The basement flooded while I was away (nothing serious, just a bit of a mess) so there's lots of moving things around which needs to be accomplished. We never really unpacked and organized that space after our move anyway, so in an odd why it's a good time to get to it...

but without further adieu- we here's the progress on the quilt! All the fabric arrived to my parents house the day I did- and after hanging out for a few days we got to work. Miraculously, my mom and I finished piecing the top in one short day. I love it when things happen quickly and easily and this project did. Claude is so happy with it- and the prospect of his "big boy bed". We had to leave the quilt in Michigan to be quilted, but it will arrive here soon enough. I can't wait to see it finished with the all chambray back and the orange dot trim- I think it will be just right... and wrong, in all the right ways. You know what I mean? (ohhh and yes, that's my baby belly in the first photo- it's getting quite pronounced these days.)

and here's ... another totally different quilt I'm quite smitten with ...

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  1. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing your quilt! All of your creations are amazing