... from a weekend away ...

In the summer, Minnesota is maybe the best place to be on earth.

After floating on the lake, eating, reading, swimming, eating, kayaking, sunning, napping, eating, making jewelry, and getting a little more sun yet- I'm home from the perfect weekend. This is what summer is made for... long days with not much done, spent with friends. I found my way home- happy to see my family and get back to work, revived, energized, all the while knowing that this getaway may be my last for quite some time. The Baby is due in about 2 months and very soon I'll need to stay close to home and then- with a babe in arms I'll have my hands full with all that needs my attention here. This time in life is so full- in every direction- both with the demands and the over whelming love that's asked and given every day. 

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