on the eighth day of December

... Erma's Old Worn and Very Loved Bear ...
I love the idea that this bear has been very well loved long before she made her way to you... The Tags of my Old Worn and Loved bears have an old photo attached- this one of "Erma" the person who loved this bear before you did. I drew this pattern out on the fabric- she is totally one-of-a-kind- and very very worn and aged not to mention, loved. I hand dyed the fabric just for her; it's a beautiful light rusty-pink, is quite unusual, and has a depth of hue that is quite lovely.

10" tall, hand dyed mohair and 100% wool felt, vintage shoe button eyes, hand and foot pads (check out those pointed toes), Black Bow and Vintage Navy Pin Back Button with a cream X, fully disk jointed but loosely, stuffed with excelsior (wood shavings), Hand Dyed, Worn, and Very Aged.

One of a kind - Hand Made by Jennifer Murphy - 2011

If you'd like more photos or would like to bid on Erma's Old Bear,
she is for sale on a 5 day auction on Ebay. 


  1. Hi Jennifer! Your blog is a simple reminder how I missed those old days. I love your artwork. I am thinking to go back to do one of the things that I like - art. I've been busy with work lately but I'll find time.

  2. Hi Jennifer. I like your blog, it's so captivating. Thank you for sharing it. Who made the bear anyway? If it's really you, you're the best! Glad you found it in the attic.
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