Richard Scarry has always been one of my favorite illustrators- as a child, artist, and now as a mother. Yesterday I pulled out "The Animals' Merry Christmas" to read with Claude. He was so fixed on the illustrations of the animals and I reluctantly had to leave the book with him as he fell asleep. I wanted to nab it and bring it into my studio for my evening work time. Oh well. Claude woke up this morning and when I found him in his room he was pouring over these images- quietly. Love that.

This afternoon this book is in my studio and I can't get over these sweet winter get-ups.  Thanks Richard- you've given me an inspired afternoon. I know there be requests for the "Christmas Book" again tonight- so I've got to get to work before Sir Claude returns home, looking for his book...

.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~ .... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ....


  1. Yes I totally agree, Richard Scarry's illos never fail to inspire and enchant both young and old. The quality of life and spirit he gets is amazing.

  2. Sissie---We love the Richard Scarry at casa Cooper too. You make me smile. Thinking of you a ton & wondering about all things new & etc. Have a pile of goodies growing for you--(ok maybe some for Mister Claude Winter as well) just can't help it! Some treasures just say 'save me for Jenn'...so there you go. xxox & big hugs.
    Cooper wants wings for Christmas...so he can fly.

  3. Oh Jennifer, my sisters and I had this book as kids, well the German issue of course, but I still remember the lovely pictures and sweet animal stories, it was my favorite Christmas book. Good memories! My sister still has it and reads it with my little nephew, she just told me about it this week on the phone, she also said that it is so used and loved that it is almost falling apart and has many loose pages. Coincidence! Isn't it great that todays kids still love it? :)
    Sending you warmest wishes for a cosy holiday season from Germany
    Carola (a big fan of your beautiful work!)

  4. Richard Scarry rocks. There is just such an amount of humour in his work.
    My girls also love the cartoons made by him. Each episode has a section with a song about some kind of phenomena put on the tunes of a well-known song. Especially the song about how elevators and a water dam work are being sung here for days on end! :)

  5. After reading this post decided to hunt around and found an earlier copy of this lovely book on ebay .Waiting for it to arrive , very excited !