Hello- and a call for questions!

I'm reworking my website and I wanted to have a few question/answers on there. Are there any questions you'd like me to answer/elaborate-on concerning my process, inspiration, work day, studio, etc??? I'd love your help in making the new info on the website helpful and interesting! Leave a comment, email me, or post a question on my facebook page.


  1. I loved the little bunny and the pumpkin men on martha stewart will you be making any more tutorials for your website?

  2. There are several darling Christmas ornaments pictured in your website gallery (a snowman, a snowmouse, and beautiful mohair mouse)-will your ever make any more of these beauties?

  3. Which part of the process do you enjoy more, the sewing and construction of the piece or the "decorating" with fabric for clothes and accessories?

    Are your tags for each piece handwritten or are your printing them?

  4. What pieces are your personal favorites-bears, mice, dogs, cats, bunnies?

    Which update season is your favorite?

  5. What books in your crafting library were invaluable in creating your art?

  6. Princess Lisa of New YorkJune 8, 2011 at 7:39 PM

    I love your work and think you are incredibly talented.

    I'd like to know:
    What parts of your creations are machine sewn vs. hand-sewn?
    How do you decide when its best to glue vs. sew?

    ...and I'd love to know if you have any plans to sell patterns for any of your amazing little stuffed creatures.

    ...and do you have any plans to teach any classes in NY or NJ?

    You are incredibly gifted!

  7. I love that you share with your tutorials as well. I've made pumpkin girls and pom pom critters for my family and they love them and pull them out each year for the holidays!!

    Please more tutorials!!!

  8. I'd like to know if you draw your creations before making them and whether you adapt patterns you've previously designed or start from scratch each time?
    Do they get their names at the start or do you name them after?
    How do you get started with a new update, do you ever get daunted by an empty desk or a blank page?
    : )

  9. I would love to know how you started to sell your items. Any tips or advice for new beginners would be great......I have been making dolls and bears etc. but I haven't sold any...I just give them as gifts. Even though I make some from patterns I have purchased, I do make my own patterns but I worry that others will think I copied them...how do you find your own style?
    Your work is incredible and I love it!
    Margaret B

  10. You will someday provide the sale of any pattern bear? I love your bears!
    Unfortunately I can not make their courses, I live too far away! Brazil.
    My Bear Quinton says hi!
    Kisses, Malu