3 worktables- 3 studios

from 2011- to 2008 - to 2005

I had a number of work spaces before these- I wish I had photographs of them all. The one in New Haven was photographed in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, but the two before that are lost in history. My very first studio I built into my closet. I could shut the door at night so I didn't bother Jay while he slept in our studio apartment. There was just enough room for me, a chair, a little desk with my sewing machine, and the piles of fabric above my head. Youth makes everything workable.


  1. I love your studio areas. They are very nice and full of inspiration. :)
    -HappyHands @ www.mimickinggodscreation.blogspot.com

  2. Love them all! Now you have me digging for my copy of ME Home Companion, I have it here somewhere?? I bought a copy of Where Women Create which arrived yesterday. Cannot wait to read it at the beach! Talk soon, Robert :)

  3. i LOVE your rolly chair! did you recover yourself?

  4. I did! I found some older chairs which had a simple structure and covered them... they make me really happy!