I'll be updating my website- stocking the "shop" with new pieces this Thursday. If you'd like more information about how my website update sales work, here's a link to all the details. If you have additional questions feel free to email me!

Summer Website Update
Thursday June 2nd at 12noon CST
(that's 1pm Eastern, 11am Mountain, 10am Pacific)

 If you're following me on Twitter- I'll be tweeting during the update sending out news as pieces sell updating info before I can post it on the website. And check out my facebook page for more sneak peeks this week!

This will be my only big update this summer. I'm working on a few different projects so I'll be using a lot of my time in the studio to concentrate on those (more info to come as things progress). I do hope to make a few pieces which I'll post on the blog, facebook and twitter now and then... so just one more reason to join us on one of the many social network sites! 

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