I love Italy (as if that's any surprising confession)

this much bread (and it's a hearty hunk of goodness) cost 1.09. And don't even get me started on the pizza. Have mercy. I think I'll come back home packing a little more goodness that I came with- and it will be worth every bite.

ohhhh and I'm not the only one in the house excited about all the foodgoodness here. Claude fell asleep in my arms last night whispering ever so softly "pizza... pizza... pizza...". Seriously love that- a boy after my own heart.

side note- what's up with my crazy eye in this photo? oh well. it's not about me- it's all about that bread- part of which is now happily in my belly.

Good Night from Rome.


  1. In the book EAT, PRAY and LOVE, by Elizabeth Gilbert,
    the "eat" part comes from being in Italy!
    There must be good food there :)

  2. Mangia! Mangia! Pizza will never be the same once you return!

  3. Mmmmm.. I can taste that goodness from here. LUCKY GIRL!!!

  4. p.s. I forgot to say, the story of your son is soooo
    heart-warming. Falling asleep saying, "pizzaaaa"
    too sweet.

  5. I can taste the bread already... cant wait to come for a little visit.