Valentines Day Update...

I'm currently working on 3 limited edition pieces (10 in each edition)... they're in various stages right now, but I'll be posting photos as they come together. I plan on incorporating some of the fabric I designed for their clothes and other little details. I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery from Spoonflower- fingers crossed it all comes out! Until I have the fabric in my hands I won't know what outfits I'll be making for each piece, so the above drawing is just a loose idea...
The Valentines Day Update 
Friday January 28th at 12noon CST 
(that's 1pm EST, 11am MST, 10am PST)

Here's a rundown of what to expect for the update...
  On the big day at 12noon CST, these 3 pieces will be on the "new bears and animals" page of my website. If you have any questions about how the updates work check out all the info here about ordering, payment and shipping. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me. Ohhhh and I'll be sending out emails to everyone on my email update list in the next couple days with this info and more.


  1. JM just whipping up 30 Valentine pieces in her "Spare time" between sorting, packing, address changing . . . etc., etc.

    Have a wonderful time in Rome-what an adventure!

    Hmm, wonder if Claude will become fluent in Italian?

  2. I really love your drawing on the fabric. I hope you do more drawings for your update too?!!x

  3. The 28th is my birthday. What a wonderful way to celebrate, by looking at new bears and animals.

  4. I cannot wait to see what you've been up to. Especially since you posted that adorable heart on your blog. I'm sure you have super cuteness on it's way. Marking my calendar for the update. Thx for the advance notice. Hope you have a wonderful time in Rome - how lucky are you!?! :) ~ Lori