Let's see here...

what have I been doing?

I'm a little out of practice after taking this last month off from blogging. I forgot about how much time it takes to actually get a post up nearly everyday. So HELLO FROM TODAY! I've been running around like a crazy woman this last week- in a state of completely controlled chaos but never the less  running all week. Getting all of my work done for my new project with Emily- dullDiamond- set for our launch date of Jan. 1st, working on the handful of new pieces for the upcoming Valentines Update (YES THERE WILL BE ONE!- a little different than normal though- more info to come) and a few other upcoming projects. Ohhh I have a little too much going on but I guess that's how I like it. Everyone who knows me knows I'm not still for long- unless I'm on vacation- then I do absolutely nothing- really really well.

So to add to the long list of things I was working on today- I thought about making more fabric and ordering it from Spoonflower. Maybe some for the Valentines pieces??? Well this is all I have done so far- it still needs a whole lot more work, but I like the direction it's headed in... could be some really cute dress fabric:

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