packing up and sending out...

Thank you to everyone who came by yesterday to say hello or find a little something to make their holiday that much brighter. Update days are always hectic- so many emails and organizing, but it's always good to talk to everyone again! That said- if you emailed me yesterday and have not heard back- email me your phone number so I can give you a call. I have been getting all of my emails I think, but I have one or two people who are having a problem getting mine... we'll get it all worked out!
Ok, now to pack a few more boxes and head out to the Post. Hope you all have a good day--- did I mention I think we're getting MORE SNOW TODAY?! It looks like the whole city is moving through tunnels the piles of snow are so high by the roads, sidewalks and driveways- it's a winterwonderland!

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  1. no thank you Mrs Murphy. your xmas show is one that i look forward 2 every year and this one was my fave :) x Matthew