taking a break from sewing to look at this bit of sweet by Camilla Engman...

Check out the multi-levels-of-cute in Camilla Engman's illustrations in her new book Richard. Wish I was fluent in Italian or French (for so many reasons) so I could read the story too... Here's a synopsis in English:
Little Richard wants to be too late. But everybody is telling him he can’t: too late is too dark; too late is too cold: too late is all closed. And Richard is too little. So, it is impossible. Unless...Unless he finds three wonderful friends, whom will help him reach the land of Too Late. A relentless, funny, surreal fantastic tale on children’s immense desires: their insatiable lust for adventure and magic and, at the same time, their immense need for love and protection.

I love the sounds of that.

There are days when I day dream of becoming an illustrator and then I look at these drawings and wonder why I would start. She's done all I would want to and more... they're pretty much perfect and that story sounds so visually rich. Maybe in the future I'll have some expansive time to enjoy the process and perhaps make something I like but for now I'm happy just to look at these and smile...


  1. This is making me want to do a children's book Camilla's art is so inspiring to me.

  2. simply enchanting ! thnks for sharing and love your work too ! :)

  3. wait. you already ARE an illustrator.