it might just freeze tonight...

I suppose it's time to say goodbye to my overgrown garden- it may drop below freezing tonight. On the radio today I heard the average frost date is October 7th here in Minneapolis- so we're not all that far off but still there is nothing gradual about a frost. It comes in and kills so much of the garden literally overnight leaving wilty brown bits where just the day before everything was lush green.

This has been the first summer since I bought my home 5 years ago that I didn't spend copious hours in my yard- moving, weeding, planting, and tending to all the bits; instead I put in a few key plants and let them do what they would. The result is a kind of wild that makes me really happy. I guess it could have been a little out of control, but I planted a few delicate planters around the yard so I could focus my attention on small details there and only there- keeping it simple around here seems to be the best route these days.... ahhhh so goodbye garden- see you again next year.


  1. OH to have a garden! (wishes of a NYC dweller) Sad to see it succumb to the frost, but the magic of spring is worth it, I imagine! Something to look forward to.

  2. Two nights of frost here in Wisconsin...took my potted plants into the barn or porch, saving them for a bit longer. Indian Summer this weekend -- will savor it -- must promise to do that.


  3. It was kind of nice to see mine do its own thing this summer as well. Just recently, my Printmaking instructor referred to a garden as "controlled nature". That struck me as I had never thought if it that way.