Hear Ye Hear Ye... Website Update Announcement

If you recently checked my website you've seen that two weeks ago set a date for the Update- but... since then I've had to push it back a few days due to vicious bugs that hit our little home in the past week.

Now for the business---->The website update! Nothing much has changed from last time but here's a rundown of what to expect:
I'm working on lots of limited edition pieces and a handful of one of a kinds... I'll continue posting in-progress bears an animals here on the blog as usual but I won't be preselling any of the pieces before the update. Come by for a sneak peaks of what I'm working on, but rest assured nothing will be sold before Friday the 22nd. On the big day at 12noon CST, all the pieces will be on the "new bears and animals" page of my website. If you have any questions about how the updates work check out all the info here about ordering, payment and shipping. If you have any questions at all feel free to email me. Ohhhh and I'll be sending out emails to everyone on my email update list in the next couple days with this info and more.

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  1. Hi Jennifer! Hope you are all on the mend now ... *HUGS*