sailor goodness and a brilliant object...

I visited Michelle at Rose Mille a few days ago and came home with a few choice items (and left so many goodies in the shop- it's a treasure trove). First are these three lovely vintage ribbons. I have no idea what I'll use them for but I couldn't get enough of that sweet sailor. And this "survival kit" might just be my new favorite invention. Can I call it an invention? Anyway, it's loosely woven thread, so when you're out in the world and a mend is in order you're never without the perfect color for the job. Grab the strand you need and pull----> there you have it: beauty and utility woven together perfectly.

Update about Patterns: I'm working on them today so the first in the line of many will be available soon... like Monday??? maybe Monday.


  1. wow what finds. that ribbon is just wonderful.

  2. Great post Jen, you make everything so special. Did you know I brought all three of those ribbons back from France in my suitcase?

    Good eye.