five things

  1. The bachelor buttons which have seen better days that I can't bear to throw out.
  2. A bear with.... mittens? yup- those are mittens.
  3. The mint sun tea which I currently can't live without.
  4. Tea dying neck ties.
  5. wanted a wife- Now I just have to make someone to wear the pin.


  1. Hi Jennifer, loved seeing you and your moms studios in the new issue of where women create. such fun places to play!
    have a great night

  2. I had to laugh a little at the comment above because my sentiments are the same. Loved the WWC magazine story and seeing you in your studio space.

    Looking forward to what more you create in there!

  3. Gorgeous photos all. What does, "wanted a wife" mean? Is it for a groom to wear? A newlywed?

  4. I know right?! what a weird pin. I bought it because I thought it was kind funny in a good way- who knows what I'll actually use it for. Maybe a suitor of some sort?

  5. Find a nice eligible bachelor for me Jen and have him where that pin ;)