tomorrow and thank you and for your pleasure...

Tomorrow is the update- and today I'm working to finish everything up, photograph, and load all the new pieces up onto my website for the update tomorrow at 12noon CST. I wish I could say I've been doing much of the latter at this hour of the day, but I'm still sewing. It looks like I'll be working down to the last minute.
Jay had been in NY for the last week, and I was so excited to welcome him home last night. He greeted Claude and I with little gifts from the city- and lucky for me and for you I suppose- he brought me a yard of this incredibly beautiful Liberty of London print which worked perfectly to finish the handful of pieces that were still sitting unfinished on my worktable this morning.
Hello beautiful. I'm a sucker for a beautiful print but these slay me every time. They're more lovely in person that can be photographed... and this print has all the right colors and just the perfect scale for a special little kitty- who will be reveled tomorrow- until then...

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