recent project - foot mail

We're all still pretty sick here, but I've been meaning to post about this project Claude and I made last week...
We have so many friends and family who live out of state, so I try to send out little bit of mail whenever I can. This is the first "art" project Claude and I made together and it was remarkable how excited he was in seeing his foot on the page. In fact, I had to get the red stamp pad I used to ink his foot out twice. Each time I put it away he rolled across the room to grab it. Ohhh yeah, he doesn't crawl- he rolls everywhere. To finish the cards I just used pen and sepia ink to write out "hello" a letter on each toe. Such a simple but very sweet note to find in your mailbox. What could be better than a "Hello" from a baby?!


  1. Jennifer,
    I know you are biased (as you should be) but Claude truly is a handsome baby boy.
    I love his olive skin tone and those eyes look blue with dark hair-oooh.
    Lucky you, girlfriends and broken hearts are years away!!

    Feel better.

  2. he is adorable.. and what a great idea! I know the people youve sent them to will appreciate them!
    happy day!

  3. we loved this! the girls went nuts for it. what a great picture of claude (I see a lot of murphy in that face!)

  4. the cutest stamp ever! so sweet, I stamped with both of my daughter's feet when they were babies and it is so fun to come across them in books and whatnot at random... lovely.

  5. So sweet! I love how it was your FIRST art project together!

  6. That gorgeous little chap is indeed going to break hearts!! he is scrummy!
    I love your first project together and im sure everyone lucky enough to get one of those 'hellos' smiled all day long.

  7. That is is cute!! I can't wait to try that with my gradson!!! Thanks for the idea!! Sally

  8. Jennifer,
    He has filled out so much!! a Gap baby for sure!
    Smiles your way, Andra

  9. Oh, that is adorable. The baby and the 'hello' foot.
    Great idea

  10. Oh, Jennifer that is so cleaver and thoughtful of you to make up such cute "hello" cards. Claude is getting so big and is such a beautiful boy.

  11. So cute. I love it. What a great idea!!!

  12. What a wonderful idea. My son's are now 24 and 26, and I wish I had more mementos from when they were babies. What a sweet doll Claude is!! Have a fabulous day.

  13. What a super adorable idea!! And Claude is getting so big! He's a jolly and beautiful baby and I just imagine him rolling around from room to room! :)

  14. L O V E
    t h a t
    p h o t o
    o f
    y o u
    b o t h!
    Claude's a mini-Santa! ;)
    ♥ amy

  15. Claude is too cute!!!!!!! Just gorgeous! Lucky you to have an angel in the house/in your life:)

  16. lovely, it reminds me of the footprint ghosts :