How to place an order-

Hello All!
So, ordering will begin tomorrow - Friday at 12noon- and while it's really self-explanatory, I wanted to give you a sneak peak into the format so you know what to expect.

Step One:
Choose a color for your bear and a style for her dress from the drop down menus.

Type the message you'd like for a flag/flower and the Name for your bear in the space provided. If you don't want a flower or want me to name your bear just leave these blank or leave me a note. Fill out your full name and email address. Click on the ... continue... button and at the bottom of the page.

Step Two:
All of the details of your order have been sent to me, but your order hasn't been confirmed until you send your Paypal payment. Click on the "place your order" button to be directed to Paypal to send your payment. (I'll only be accepting Paypal payment for this offer.)

Send your Payment:
Log in to Paypal and confirm your order with your payment. THANKS!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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