dreamy kid projects-

I found this amazing blog today- Manuales (via Fine Little Day). While it's all in Spanish and I have no idea if these projects are all taking place in school or in special workshops or how exactly they're being made or why other than the sheer and obvious pleasure in it all- All I know is I will be checking back here regularly- for a number of years. It's stocked with perfectly simple little ideas for afternoon projects. They're all really so good it was hard to choose one- but check out the wine cork animals...

Check out more photos here including images of these fine young artist at work.


  1. awww these are so sweet!! Love the lion and monkey!

  2. Thank you for sharing this! The strong man made me laugh!!

  3. So cute--thanks for sharing! Jen, I am a newbie at computers and blogging so if I'm telling what you already know please ignore and forgive. I recently discovered at the top of "my internet page" on the Google toolbar an icon "Translate" that translates English to a about a zillion other languages including Spanish. The translatiion is a bit rough but you get the idea. My friend says there are probably web pages that will translate also.

  4. Of course we would both be on to this the very same day...great minds and all;)

    And a big YES to your park meet up idea too!