Two Boxes of Fall Goodness...

I just sent out a few pieces to Susan's Store Room...

and to Bear Paths.
Good Bye Cuteness...


  1. GOSH..i want one of these sooooo bad!!!!!! LOVE them both..their faces are just darling!!!

    Have a wonderful day,

  2. If I made those, it would be so tough to let them go!! So darn cute :)

  3. How do you part with your creations?They are so amazing :)

  4. They are so sweet! Do you keep a lot of your creations? It sure would be hard to say goodbye to those sweet faces!

  5. oh they're so cute... look at that sweet face ! i love the girl...

  6. So very precious Jennifer!

    Oh! I've posted links to your darling pumpkin figures you did on Martha and to your blog here. I hope it's okay that I've used your photos? Please let me know if you would like me to remove them and I will right away.

    I'm having lots of fun posting Halloween crafts ideas on my blog and your pumpkin people are so darling!


  7. I agree with others... it must be hard to let them go! But since you've been making bears since you were 11 (am I remembering what I read, correctly), maybe it's a little easier!

  8. I was scrolling through your beautiful blog, and all of a sudden my two year old gasps and points at the little bear with the orange bow. And she says, very authoritively: "I like her."

    xo sharilyn