Hanging Beauty

I've been spending a lot of time in Claude's room this last week, and I wanted to share the beautiful tapestry that mesmerizes him to no end-

While in Mexico earlier this year with my Mama and Sister, I found this beautiful cotton bedspread decorated with animals in silk thread. I had been pining over it and was more than a little disappointed when I went back to the shop for a second look... Those sneaky ladies had snatched it up for me as a gift for the little ones room, and I'm so pleased they did. It creates a magical and bold design in the small room which I love. (more images of the baby's room to come)

After doing a little research I found it was made by the Otomi Indians who live in the mountains of the Sierra Madre in central Mexico. Craft production plays a large role in may of the Otomi communities, and these particular embroidered pieces range in size from small napkins to the bedspreads like mine... Each large piece can take up to three months to complete and is totally unique.

I found two websites where you can see more of these beautiful pieces:
Mexican Textiles Ebay Store


  1. Makes for a beautiful wall art and a nice backgroud for Claude's crib. The quilt you made goes so well with it too.

  2. it is really beautiful as art work... I would be amused too !

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I can see how he could just sit and stare.

  4. What a beauty - and perfect with your gorgeous circle quilt!

  5. What a treasure! Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! A lucky baby indeed to start off already surrounded with such beauty (not to mention an awesome arty mom and grandma too).

  6. Gosh, that is gorgeous, how amazing to be able to create something like that. I love the circular quilt at the bottom too.