Thank you all!

It was an exhausting but wonderful update... thank you to everyone who stopped by and for all the kind notes a well wishes. Looking forward to putting my feet up for a few days before the little one arrives, but by the way my belly has been feeling, who knows if I'll even get a few days!
Before I get too far ahead of myself...check out the mountain that greets me at my door. These will all be off to the post tomorrow... more little bundles of Joy!

Ohhh, and if you were wonder what's going on in that photo, that's my Murphy Bed Ironing Board in the hallway next to my studio. It's been a dream... works great, packs away easily, and holds lots of stuff. What more can one ask for?


  1. Best wishes with your new little bundle of joy! My 4 grown-up bundles still give me much, much joy.

  2. Wowee you get a lot done FAST.
    It about killed me not to be able to buy any of your sweet creatures. My husband had just been to the bank at 8am to look into a debt consolidation loan. I about barfed when he told me our total debt load...so suffice it to say; I couldn't hardly justify spending $$ on yet another sweet bear or bunny. Maybe if it hadn't been the SAME day, lol! Maddie the Cat was especially sweet, to me. How exciting to think--next update will be influenced by baby love! So excited for you. :-)

  3. Sadness that none are coming to me either! Such a joy to receive the box. Love that day. Good luck with baby! Joyful times are around the bend.

  4. Jen, I dunno how u do it! and being pregnant "out to there"!

    Lovely update as usual :)

    Thinking of you, and hope for a smooth entrance into this world for you and your new little one.