Seriously Cute.

My good friend Kelly made us these amazingly cute pants for our little girl or boy (arriving in 3 weeks, Yikes!) from an Oliver + S pattern. Since receiving her beautiful gift, I've been looking all over the web at all the ridiculously cute clothes made from these timeless patterns. I currently have bloomers on the brain, but I'm trying to stay focused on work right now so those cute bloomers will just have to wait.
In the interim, here's the dreamy "Birthday Party Dress". If you know a little girl, hurry, buy this pattern and make on in every color.

Thanks to Spool for their beautifully made Birthday Party Dress


  1. How I wish I was small and didn't have "mom" hips so I could wear an adorable little girls dress like this!

  2. Kelly! cutie pants!

    jen, can you make my nut this dress and the bloooomers too? oh, date night for us on thursday.