Why, it's a carrot bike of course.

Each Spring I look forward to the MayDay Parade at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis. Every year there is a different theme, and it's always cleaver and complicated and totally entertaining... not to mention how utterly mesmerizing all of the handmade costumes and "floats" are. The whole sentiment of the parade embraces the handmade and reminds me how much I love this little city I live in... Each participant makes their own outfit, based on the part of the parade they are in, so you have individuality in materials and personality, while it holds together as a whole. Here are just a few images, none do the costumes justice, as it's their movement which is so fantastic. If you're every in town for the first weekend in May, don't miss it... there is truly nothing else like it.

"rich soil is our real wealth"

(for those of you who didn't catch it right off, that's a dung beetle.
An obvious and necessary addition to any parade.)


  1. I loved the theme of the parade this year! And the funnel cakes down at Powderhorn. Of course.

  2. You posted pictures of all my faves from this year. Sorry I didn't see you there!


  3. Fun!!! Never been. Need to go next year.
    The dung beetle rocks!

  4. Darn it! If I had known there was a carrot bike I would have totally gotten my butt over there! I only moved here 1 1/2 yrs ago - still haven't been to minnehaha falls yet - oops!

  5. Hey what a about a photo of the dung beetles? I built them and have been searching the net for photos of them. Did you happen to take one?