Happy Sunday.

Is there anything that more comforting and homey than line dried sheet and clothes? It's finally that time of year again, and while we hung up our clothes line a few weeks ago our clothespin bag was a little worse for wear. I'd bought it at an estate sale a few years ago and loved the design so I remade it in new fabric.
It's a genus pattern, which starts out as a square. The middle of each side is taken in so once it's sewn onto the hook it has four nice openings which are large enough to get a hand in, but not so big that the pins will fall out... I'm sure there has to be some hardware out there similar to this old hook, as I doubt it was made for just this purpose. Ahhh, the ingenuity of necessity.


  1. This is sooo cute and very functional! I love it. :) Have a lovely week ahead.

  2. Love it! Unfortunately, my city has an ordinance against clothes lines (boo!). So I can neither save energy nor get that fresh air-dried scent in my laundry, which is definitely one of my favorite memories of sleeping over at my grandma's house as kid -- the way her line-dried sheets smelled. Thanks for reminding me. :)

    from Jo-Ann

  3. This reminds me of my great grandma so much and I don't even remember what her clothes pin holder looked like! Also reminds me to get after hubs to help me put up a clothes line in our back yard :).

  4. An ordinance against clotheslines? What a funny world we live in!