studio mess...

Piles and boxes, and more piles and more boxes.
But I did fold all my fabric. Hey, baby steps.

(I hope I'm done with all this construction/moving/life organizing soon,
so I can get back to sewing. It feels like it's been ages.)


  1. I am impressed with how much you have gotten done. And it looks delicious. Keep us updated on your progress! ~Sara

  2. I just found your blog and find it very inspirational! So happy im here. :) Loving your studio and cute items! Have a lovely merry happy weekend!

  3. You know, there is just something about stacks of folded fabric,- love it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey, somehow I only JUST realized you're a fellow Minneapolitan! Good luck with the new studio space!

  5. Lara Blair here---Jen O'Connor's old neighbor in Warwick. It's been so fun to watch your journey on the internet since meeting you! I moved back to WA state and we miss those crazy, fun O'Connor artist bashes across the street. Good luck with all of your fun moving plans. Your stuff is so fabulous, as usual--great to see others appreciate your artistry.
    All the best!