I went outside this morning to find little green bits around some of my perennials and lots of small cracks in the soil where I labored last fall in the hopes of bunches of beautiful spring bulbs. Really, is there anything better after a long winter than the first signs of spring?
Image torn from one of last summer's Domino Magazines


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank goodness you credited your source for the great flower photo. I was insane thinking that I needed to move to a different climate if your neck of the woods already had those beautiful blooms.


    My garden has just started to rebound. The crocus are spent and the daffodils and hyacinths are on their way. Yay!

    I need spring this year. What a winter!

  2. Yes it is great! My mom planted a vine plant(forget the name) last spring and should have taken over. We watered and looked over it , the little girl next door pulled them up, etc. WELL last week we noticed on spring has bloomed! Unfortunately it is going to freeze this week so not sure it will make it. But we can hope!
    Happy Spring!
    Hugs, Lisa