Half Dressed Fowl

Soooo, this is the other new pattern I've been working on!
(I can't seem to keep a secret for long)

I designed the chick first (you can see the idea in the works in my sketches), and was so pleased with his egg shaped body I decided to see how a duck would turn out. Their legs and getting them to easily stand was a bit of a trick, but after a little finagling they are stable and happily free-standing fowl. I used an amazing vintage thread wrapped wire... I'd never seen anything like it before I found it in a vintage shop a few years ago. It's ridged and once bent stays put, not to mention, it's beautiful. For the duck, I covered the wire (what a shame) with wool felt in order to get proper duck feet. I'm excited about their potential outfits... so back to work. I have to dress a brood.


  1. A new blog and baby on the way!! One is so exciting for me and the other for you!!
    Well wishes your way,
    Smiles, Andra

  2. Super duper cute. I love how high waisted the duck's pants are...all the more charmings.

  3. SO cute! congrats on the babay on the way too! very exciting!

    are you going to participate in art-a-whirl BTW?

  4. Hey, this is so much fun...getting sneak peaks at your work before the updates. What a fun and exciting blog for us. These little critters are so adorable. I love the high-waited paints. So looking forward to your spring update.

    Happy creating.

  5. You have the cutest animals EVER! Adorable!

  6. These two are wonderful!!! I love the little duck feet. :)



  7. Super sweet! You seem to be stuck on this blogging thing now, eh? So fun! You also seem to be getting more and more comments every time I look. You're a natural:)
    Hope you're out enjiying this fab weather.
    I'll be in touch.

  8. they are just darling!!! great job!!! soooo cute!!! xoxo!!! Britt :-)

  9. They are sooo cute! I love your ducks. Your work is beautiful.

  10. love love these ducks ! glad I found your blog ,
    Louise x

  11. These two are just too cute! I want to squeeze there cheeks! :)