way back when-

I started sewing animals when I was 11- and while my mom has a lot of the pieces I made then I don't have many- well, honestly I just have this one: a bright orange kangaroo. He's so bright orange in fact I had to take him down a notch in photoshop- it was just too orange to handle and a little unbelievably bright. He's been in every studio I've ever had for as long as I can remember. I haven't kept him on purpose. I wasn't all that fond of him or attached. He was just a prototype of for a pattern I made but couldn't sell because no one wants an obnoxiously orange felt kangaroo, but over the years he's burrowed his way into my heart. He refuses to be lost - after spending years in this or that odd drawer or shelf- only to pop up unexpectedly while cleaning or moving- he's finally made his way out into a position of prominence in my studio. He now sits proudly on my sewing desk - and greets me each day- brightly. After 20+ years I think I'm happy he's stuck around... He's a mascot of sorts- a sign of my childhood and example of how long I've been sewing.
Writing this post reminded me of the photo my mom sent me a few years ago. This is me at 10 arranging the first group of bears I ever made out in our front yard. Funny to see that little girl- I almost don't recognise myself- but then I look at those hands. Oh yep- that's me. It's odd to see those adult hands on that little girl-


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  2. Eu realmente gostei deste seu post Jennifer!
    Malu do Brasil

  3. Jen, your little orange roo is adorable. I'm glad you have him out, he deserves the glory like all the other cuties you have made through the years. You were so fortunate to have the influence from your mom to create at such a young age. Look where it has brought you today. I think it would be fun to make a living the way you and your mom do.

  4. they are quite red/orange when cooked!

  5. Yikes Angelina! I didn't even know that people eat kangas?


    What a sweet post! You and your little kangaroo are too cute!


  6. this is such a great post. how cool that you have one of your first creations. what a gift. funny how those things just keep getting moved around and shuffled until we find the value in them...

  7. You are adorable! I can totally relate to having a passion from a very early age...I loved seeing your first bears and your little kangaroo. Great post!

  8. Wow! You made that when you were 10? That's amazing.

    I love all your animals, they are absolutely beautiful.

    Anna x

    PS. You look like a young Lou Doillon in the photo!

  9. adorable!! i love orange so the full, non photoshopped version would be fun to see.

    must be a cheery way to start your day having this roo at your desk.

  10. I love it Jenn, reminds me of "Yarna" my original creation from childhood. I still have her and now I want to share too.

    Kindred spirits,

  11. Jennifer, I love this little roo! It is fascinating to me how you were able to give her (I thought with the pouch it must be a she?) head a sideways pose. How do you do that in the pattern? I have been making this sized jointed bears of felt for a couple months now am and ready to move on to a different animal. I LOVE this little roo? Could I buy a pattern?

  12. i say, the orange hopper is more popular today in color and specie than when first created. does he have a name?

  13. Jennifer, thank you for sharing this! How fun that your bright orange kangaroo keeps popping up in your life. Love the picture of you with your bears, too. I designed and made my first two bears from velour and felt when I was 13...but sadly, the velour really smelled, and they didn't stick around. And there's no photo of them! :-(

    I would so love to attend the convention in Minneapolis and take your class and meet other creative ladies! I hope you enjoy your preparations. :-)

    Hugs from Colorado,
    Debora (New Avenue Crew)

  14. As they would say in college, "Back in the day..."
    It is fun to see how we have grown and changed as artists.
    I think your kangaroo is cool! He looks better than one of the first bear patterns that I drafted, but when I finished it I was very proud of it. Now, I think what was I thinking.