learning and teaching- part one

Part of the reason I've been thinking about my long history of making (and wrote about it yesterday) is because I've just begun to tackle the huge process of working and writing for the workshops I'll be teaching this year at Bloom and the Creative Connection. Preparing for a workshop is a tedious process where I dissect each and every step I make while creating my work. This analytical approach is completely at odds with my usual process. Scientists talk about the transfer of activity from the left side of the brain to the right- and everyone knows the magic of flow- but breaking down my practice is a tricky activity which leaves me caught between these two worlds and while in this thoughtful, creative, but analytical state today I could help but think about how we get to be such individual makers.

My practice is truly insular. The only person I really share with is my Mom, and I'm always amazed when we get together to make something how we do things surprisingly different- "ohhh that's, how you do that?!" and "really,?! I would have never thought about it like that"... We've learned from each other over the years and still we're surprised by each others methods. So part of what excites me most about these workshops- is not only getting out of my studio to share how I do things but also to watch each of you- to see the innovative and unique ways your creating too. When I taught at Silver Bella last November that was what I found so inspiring- I was SURROUNDED by creative women. I came there to teach my two workshops- but I left feeling totally exhilarated by the uniqueness and individuality of all those around me.
After that experience I realized how truly valuable these events are for me... I'm so excited to be both learning and sharing- So over the next few days I'll be sharing more information about both Bloom and the Creative Connection.

I've very excited to go from this top image (me working solo) to an environment like that in the images below (from my workshops last winter). I believe the upcoming events will be unique and exciting gatherings- made even better by more creative and dynamic women participating... I do so hope you're able to come- I know Minneapolis may be a trek, but I think will be worth the trip.


  1. I wish I could make the trip to the workshops! I really do. My sister is graduating from nursing school the weekend of the Creative Connection. Oh and could you think of possibly using a larger font! Dang that's small. Smiles.

  2. I really enjoyed reading a little bit of your creative process and wish I could also make a trip to your workshop! I love your work!!